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Crazy Time

Rating: 5
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Wide release date:10.06.2020
Highest bet:100
Lowest Bet:0.1
Maximum win:x25000.00
Special feature:Bonus Game, Multiplier, Wheel of Fortune Game

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  • Available in a convenient instant-play interface
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  • Features both bitcoin and fiat currency gaming
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  • No toll-free phone for customer service
  • Several country restrictions
  • And one more cons

Short Info

First off, Crazy Time is a live casino game that further iterates on Evolution's fantastic lucky wheel format. This game meets you with even more exciting bonuses and gorgeous visuals, ready to win audiences from across the globe. If you're gambling for fun and entertainment, you are in the right place at all. This game is played on a custom wheel by TCS John Huxley that ensures top-notch video quality.

How To Play

Start the Crazy Time game from loading; you see The Crazy Time Wheel is central to the game. Also, the presenter is responsible for initiating each new game round by spinning the Crazy Time Wheel. 

Then by clicking on the relevant number or bonus game at the bottom of the screen, the player can place a bet on one, some, or all of the sections. If the wheel stops on a number, the payout will equal the number multiplied by the bet amount. The payouts are the next:

  • 1 pays 1:1
  • 2 pays 2:1
  • 5 pays 5:1
  • 10 pays 10:1

If you bet on the Crazy Time, so you have a chance to participate in the game should the wheel lands on one of the bonus game segments. Game recommends playing the bonus games, as they're the main source of fun in Crazy Time and have the biggest payouts.

You are given 10 seconds to bet on the segments of the wheel you want, and then the game presenter will spin the wheel. Once the wheel has stopped, the presenter will declare the winning segment and the game will start again.

However, if the winning segment is a bonus game, things will play out differently depending on the game. The opportunity to increase wins with an additional multiplier chosen before the main wheel spins during the Top Slot selection makes the game round even more exciting. 

Theme And Symbols

The central place is for The Crazy Time Wheel of the game. Players are taken to popular carnivals and even on television in the 80s and 90s. In addition, this game was based on Evolution's original Dream Catcher prize wheel; the old Wheel of Fortune games inspired them.  

In easy words, this game is a simple version of a roulette-style game that opens the opportunity to win on any one section of the wheel; they are numbered in varying frequencies, meaning some bets are more likely to pay out than others. Also, one of the interesting feаtures is the presenter. He or she is responsible for each new game round by spinning this Crazy Time Wheel. 

Special Features

Punters need to make a bet on the bonus game spots on the wheel to be involved in the below Bonuses of the game.


The Pachinko bonus is like a Plinko board. The Pachinko Bonus Game features of traditional pachinko game - nothing fancy, a large wall with physical pegs. The player's coin can also drop on the Double, but the multipliers reach a maximum of 10,000 - but that is very unlikely.). 

The presenter of this game drops a puck into the Pachinko wall, and players who have bet on the Pachinko Bonus Game will win the multiplier shown where the puck lands. 

Coin Flip

This bonus is the least fun because it dropped the most. You guessed it: the top color determines how much money you made. The same machine automatically flips the coin, and players win the multiplier depending on which side the coin lands on.

Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt Bonus is an old shooting game with a whopping 108 random multipliers. Players see dozens of targets passing by, and they get to pick one. These multipliers are covered by shuffled and symbols. The prizes running up to hundreds of times punters bet are presented on these targets. Or even more when a multiplier is active. Once the cannon shoots, the multiplier is revealed, and the multiplier is won for all players once the game is finished.

Crazy Time Bonus

The Crazy Time Bonus is the most desirable bonus and only occurs once on the wheel, but it is the least frequent game on the wheel. The presenter of this game opens a red door, into which the players enter a virtual world with a huge virtual wheel. If you win it, a bizarre prize bonanza awaits you, reminding us of a cross between Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka and Dream Catcher. When the presenter of this game presses the big red button, the game begins.


The main feature is a Wheel; there are four different attractive bonus features you can wager on and a cheerful. Also hyperactive presenter, entertaining everybody like an experienced quizmaster. In addition, another strong point is the mystery multiplier, which can drop on the regular numbers and the bonus features. So be ready for THE live casino experience called Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming, you won't get bored for a second!