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Crazy Coin Flip

Rating: 4.8
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Wide release date:14.06.2022
Highest bet:3000 EUR
Lowest bet:0.1 EUR
Maximum win:x2000.00
Special feature:Bonus Game, Multiplier, Risk/Gamble (Double) game, Scatter symbols

Short Info

The first-time game Crazy Coin Flip was like a bonus round in Crazy Time, now, it has been made into a game in its own right, where players` win is determined literally by the flip of a coin! This slot is a smash hit with slots and live casino players alike, and its entertainment is guaranteed because provided by Evolution Gaming. Qualify for the Coin Flip bonus round and get the chance to turn your accumulated multipliers into even greater multiplied payouts.

Get into an exciting live gaming experience by this game, be ready that this bonus round is like no other. Crazy Coin Flip slot brings a 3-phase cycle of qualifying slot, against-the-clock Top-Up slot and the live Coin Flip bonus round.

How To Play Slot

Start from the game loading, then press the required button to start the adventure game. The game's objective is to qualify for the live bonus game by collecting three scatter symbols during the qualification phase. Before entering the live bonus game, you'll be offered the chance to boost your multipliers in the Top-Up phase.

The first stages mean qualifying for the final coin flip, then it's time to building up the multiplier values for the final payout. The main rule - The more you spend on the game, the higher the potential return. 

As previously mentioned, the game has three stages with a 5×3 slot. The Qualification phase has a five-reel, 3-row slot to get three Crazy Coin Flip Scatters during 1 spin. Once achieved, punters advance to the Top Up Phase, where players enjoy a 3-wheel slot to increase the multipliers for each of the red and blue sides of the coin. The final stage is the Coin Flip, where the presenter flips the coin to determine the winning side.

Theme And Symbols

After loading the game, you are presented with a classic-style slot machine Crazy Coin Flip, and an obscured studio feed of the current host entertaining players who've qualified to join them. A red and blue coined curtain provides the blur, ready to reveal the studio and pull back. Rounds two and three are the game show production into view, in dazzling red and blue, laced with gold, to catchy organ music.

Special Features

The Qualification phase contains three distinct modes that can help you qualify faster. You can switch between them at the bottom right of the reels. The Qualification Phase of the live game plays out on a classic-looking 5x3 slot machine. You can win regular slot payouts between 0.2 and 20 x your stake from the 7 unique pay symbols, but you really want to qualify for the coin flip phase of the game. We'll get to that in a second, but let's look at the different game mode options first. Hit three scatters to progress to the next round of this game, then spin a 3×3 slot to add potential multipliers before finishing with a coin flip bonus to determine your prize. 

You can play in 3 different modes in the Qualification Phase of the game, and you switch between modes at the bottom right corner:

  • Regular Spins work as usual, with no added bonuses or prices, has Autoplay and Turbo mode. 
  • XXXtreme Spins guarantee that at least one Scatter will appear with each spin. However, it costs 5 times your base stak, has Autoplay and Turbo mode. 
  • Super XXXtreme Spins guarantee at least two Scatters with each spin. However, the price has increased to 50x.

 You can switch on turbo mode to speed up animations, and autoplay allows you to lean back and enjoy the show. 

The Top-Up Phase is all about accumulating multipliers, but you have limited time to do so. If you get into the Top-Up phase close to the Coin Flip phase being kicked off, you can continue the Top-Up phase until the next coin flip instead. The Live host presenter pulls a lever to flip the coin, and you get a payout based on your base bet and total multiplier no matter if the coin lands on the red or blue side.


Crazy Coin Flip is a modern slot with an RTP of 96%, praiseworthy for its innovative spirit. Players enjoy the game and get a better return and more extended play sessions by investing as little as possible. Crazy Coin Flip's charm slot with deliberate nightspot ambiance, original design, and simplistic gameplay that is timed to perfection to be cleverly alluring. 

Phase one is a straightforward qualification search for three scatters. Phase two is a devilishly tempting race against time, designed to encourage extra bets for multipliers to wear proudly into phase three, the Coin Flip Bonus, for a strong finish to cap your hard work. The sign of a good game!